Employer of Record

We employ employees on your behalf. This means, we are the legal and contractual employer for you. This enables the employee to work for you on a full, un-incumbered basis as a regular part of your team and operation.

We take care of all employment, leave, attendance record and payroll.

You can set the details for each position

You are able to determine the precise job description and remuneration; and we are available to advise as required.

We pass through the employee wage cost and employment terms.

You are able to apply your own company policies, benefits, culture and career path opportunities.

The employee gains a seamless employment experience while enjoying the security of a full legal employment position with all the labour law entitlements and protections therein.

Our Employer of Record service includes:
Leave and Attendance
Our Employer of Record service is charged on the following basis:
A fee per employee + Employee Wage Cost Pass Through
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