Employment as a Service
$350 USD per employee, per month + Wage Costs

We employ employees on your behalf. This means, we are the legal and contractual employer for you. This enables the employee to work for you on a full, un-incumbered basis as a regular part of your team and operation.

We take care of all employment, leave, attendance record and payroll.

You choose your team, we employ and enable!!

You are able to determine the precise job description, remuneration package and recruit or select the individual employee you want. We contractually employ and pay the employee what you have determined and pass this through at cost plus our charge for the service at $350 USD per employee, per month.

You are able to apply all your company policies, benefits, culture and even career path opportunity so that the employee experience is seamless and is a highly motivated member of your business.

Employment as a Service includes
Employee Record
Time and Attendance
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