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Enable Our Team is a top-tier employment outsourcing agency in the Philippines. Partnering with us allows you to streamline your staffing and hiring processes, tapping into a highly skilled Philippine workforce that meets your business needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Our solution is made up of the baseline Employer of Record service with the corresponding Managed Service + Online Application to ensure its successfully delivery. In addition we offer Recruitment and IT and Office services as further options and enablement.

Employer of Record

We contractually employ staff on your behalf and this includes the administration of Payroll, Attendance and Leave, HR.

Managed Service and Online Application

We provide single point of contact, dedicated customer service as well as an online application that enables full visibility and control of every aspect of service and delivery.


We recruit on your behalf to create candidates and employees. This includes advertising, candidate sourcing and the interview and selection process.

IT and Office

We provide customisable options to enable your employees including purchasing and enabling computer equipment, office options and other local support that employees and operations require.

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